Etsy Greek Street Team: Ten Reasons you are not Getting Etsy Sales!

Etsy Greek Street Team: Ten Reasons you are not Getting Etsy Sales!: image from printsbystellachili Έχεις μαγαζί στο Etsy και ανυπομονείς για εκείνη την πρώτη πώληση…. Αλλά μάταια! Αναρωτιέσαι τι...


Autumn is here

Summer came and went. It was a blast! Now the weather is somewhat colder even here in Athens and daylight get less and less by day. It's a funny thing but even thought I love summer, autumn has a special place in my heart. In autumn all the colors around me are more vivid. I have noticed  that the evening sky has the best color variations during September and October. Also, during Autumn is more easy for me to work. Warm temperatures and working with wax don't go well together :). Also I can finally focus and finish new pieces. What do you like about Autumn?

Autumn Dusk
Wax models
 New stack rings


Sailing Weekend

I am not much into sailing...until last weekend. It has been ages since we went on a trip so a weekend sailing trip was more than welcome. We had great company and the weather was just perfect for a relaxing trip. The best part of the weekend was seeing dolphins! It was the first time in my life that I saw them!


On a Sunday Morning

I made some muffins using this basic recipe..they turned out better than I would have hoped! They made a lovely mothers day gift!

Then Dimitris and I, decided to go at the Flower Show that is held every Spring in Kifisia. Walking though the flowers and seeing all these wonderful colors and shapes really makes ones day!  The weather was a bit weird, at some point came  a sudden spring rain but it soon stopped and we continued our walk.

We bought some tomato trees from Santorini and herbs to use at cooking...I am not so good at keeping my plants alive unfortunately but I hope this time I will do better.


Being Thankful!

I am thankful for being healthy!
I am thankful for my loving  family and friends!
I am thankful for my amazing colleagues!
I am thankful for the support of my customers through out this year!
I am thankful for my team mates in Etsy Greek Street Team!
I am thankful for living in Greece despite everything that's going on!

What are you thankful for?


A long weekend

Last weekend Dimitris had a sailing race to and fro Hydra Island so I thought it was a good chance to tag along. Hydra is only 1 hour and a half away from Piraeus port but it's a completely different world. It has maintained it's unique identity over the years and it's an ideal weekend getaway.In Hydra there are no cars or motorbikes and the main means of transportation are donkeys! It's so quite and lovely!
Getting back from Hydra proven a bit more difficult. Due to strong winds the small vessels that connect Hydra to the mainland couldn't sail so my only chance of getting back was to go with the sailboat. The weather conditions where indeed extremes for non-sailor like me to travel that way but all in all it was a great experience!


Things that made me smile today...

Some days are just so.....bad. I can't think of a better way to say it. But some days, even though you may wake up with the best of spirits, things happen that really screw up your day. Plain and simple.  Today was a day like that. In order to turn my spirits around, and after being inspired by a lovely blog call House of Humble I decided to post about the things that actually made me smile today.

So today I smiled about:

My best friends baby!!!! I sent her a super cute tomato hat and today I saw her wearing it. She is the sweetest little girl ever :)

My kitties! Well they always make me smile :) 

A custom order that I finished and turned out really well.

My new item :)

The fact that there was no line in the post office today!!!What a rare treat

I actually smiled at my scales today because I have actually lost some weight. I wish to loose some more but it's a start!

What made you smile today?