Isopor? Naum fui eu!

Isopor? Naum fui eu!
Isopor? Naum fui eu!,
originally uploaded by Jim Skea.
Do you like cats? I love them!!!
Jim Skea from Flickr has an amazing set of photos with his cats.....amazing!!


Secret Santa Gift Exchange

As a member of the European Street Team on Etsy, this year I was so lucky to take part of the Secret Santa organized by the amazing Artmind.

And my secret Santa was House of Mouse... a wonderfull package filled with Mousey goodies!


New Creations!

I absolutely adore working with textures...so here are my leather looking earrings and rings! I love how the texture came out and a little oxidizing does wonders to bring out the texture

Also now that the season of gifts is coming how about something for the love of your life? A lovely sterling silver ring that spells love.....


Autumn Bliss

Last Sunday i went for a walk in Parnitha mountain...an amazing place so near Athens. I was fortunate enough to see a Deer :)

The nature was amazing and here are some random Autumn shots!!



The myths of the Greek goddess Psyche exemplify a woman's search for authentic personal growth, a reminder that the integration of our experiences, however sad or frightening they may be, matures and transforms us, like the symbol of the butterfly emerging into the light from its dark cocoon.


A little bit about me...

Making : a flower ring as a gift for a good friend of mine..
Cooking :fried rice
with vegetables
Drinking : water....

Reading: "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch

Wanting: to sleep as much as i can in order to feel rested

Looking: at my pc screen

Playing: with my hair :D

time by fooling around watching tv
Sewing: well not yet...but i start my sewing lessons in october!

Wishing: i was happier

Enjoying: the rain

Waiting: for the clock to strike 17:00!
Liking: that Christmas is coming!

Wondering: what's life is going to be in 5 years time!

Loving: my cat!

Hoping: that i don't get the H1N1 flew this year!
Marvelling: at how quickly time has flown by
Needing: some tender loving care

Wearing: jeans and a fuchsia blouse
Following: project runway but it got canceled!

Noticing: that i need some manicure asap

Knowing: that everything is going to work out just right!

of some ice cream
Opening: my emails
Feeling: sleepy!


Fall is here....

So...fall is HERE! No turning back...rain will come (hopefully) and slowly we will proceed to winter...


This summer was full of inspiring images that linger in my mind...


Black Black Heart with a red Twist!

Lily Sterling Silver Ring

Katerina's Flower Sterling Silver Ring


Hand Painted, Sterling Silver Butterflies

True Blue Flower Small Sterling Silver Ring

Aphrodite's Earrings!


Spring is here!!!

Lets wear some flowers!!!


New listings!

My first golden ring...
I was afraid working with gold...to expensive these days!!But...i thought what the heck!And here was the outcome...


Last week i bought a grey dress...

...so i decided to dress it up by making this lovely pearl and bear :0) necklace!!
I loved making something for my self for a change!