Meet Mr Blue Dog

This is Mr Blue, a really melancholic dog...he was so melancholic he actually turned blue :(


Making a Sterling Silver Kitty Brooch....

So here is how you can make your own kitty brooch....

First of all you take a sheet of silver (or other metal of your choice) and you draw the kittyThen you take your saw, place a sawing blade and saw around the figure taking care you trace the perimeter

Then you take the kitty and with the dremel you trace the details for you kitty

Then you file the around the piece to make the edges smooth.

And you have something that looks like this!
Then you cut about 5 cm (that may vary depending on the size of the brooch) of sterling silver
wire, you anodized it and quench it in water and with a round plier make 3 loops.With the file make the other of the wire pointy an a needle. Then cut another piece of wire less than 1cm to make the hoop for the brooch.

Make markings on the kitty to see where you will solder the pin and hoop. Take in consideration the weight of the piece and how you want it to stand.
Then put some borax on the point where you will put the solder, heat, then place the solder. Heat until the solder melts and attach the pin and hoop.

Quench it in flux, remove from flux using a wooden spoon or plastic spoon and rinse it thoroughly with water.Using the dremel with the metal brush, brush the piece until its clean.

Using a scotch brite piece brush the piece to give it a nice matte finish....and you are ready!!!!

Note from the author....its not easy shooting your self while soldering piece so that's why some steps were not photographed :)

Always wear protective gear when using the dremel of flex shaft.


Ravani with Coconut Recipe...a bit retro but oh so nice!!!

Ravani with Coconut Recipe...
INGREDIENTS for 1 rectangular pyrex

* 250gr butter in room temperature
* 4 egg
* 1 cup sugar
* 1 cup self raising flour
* 1 cup coasr semolina flour
* 250gr yogurt
* 1 cup dessicated coconut
* 50ml cogniac
* zest from 1 lemon (or from 1/2 orange)


* 1 cup sugar
* 1 cup water
* some lemon or orange peel


1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 oC.
2. Μake the syrup: boil sugar, water and peel for 2-3 minutes. Let it cool.
3. Beat sugar and butter until they become white.
4. Gradually add the eggs.
5. Add yogurt, zest, cogniac and continue beating.
6. Fold in coconut, flour and semolina until completely incorporated.
7. Butter the pyrex or tray and fill it with the mixture.
8. Bake for 30-40 minutes until golden.
9. When the cake is done, cut through it with the knife and pur the cold syrup over it (or hot syrup over cold cake).
10. Sprinkle the coconut on top and enjoy on its own or with some vanilla ice cream.


Meet Up with Greek Etsians

Last weekend was very special! Members of the Etsy Greek Street Team got to hang out and have fun at Psarokokalo's house (Maria)! It's amazing when crafty people get together!You can learn so much!!


Summer Color Trends! Get Ready!!!

Here are the colors to use this summer according to

I love all those pinks and purples!So lovely!!



Victoire de Castellane

Victoire de Castellane is the queen of enamel and jewels. The rings are huge, bold, chunky. It’s like wearing a little forest on your finger. All this is topped on a white or yellow gold band of exquisite quality.

Weekend suprises!

My ring made it to the front page of etsy!
I am so happy!