Finally some work done :)

After quite some time finally i got to finish some pieces and take the photos for my etsy shop! (Hooray!!)

So here they are, two band rings...first my leaf ring...made by the imprint of a real leaf :)

and then my Dream Ring....my new obsession is stamping..i admit it! My good friend Liana from Feelwhatifelt (http://feelwhatifeltblog.blogspot.com/) bought me a set of steel stamps and i am as happy as a schoolgirl to use them! :)


Crafting on a terrace overlooking the city of Athens on a warm summer night....does it get any better than this? Sure!!If you are crafting with friends in a get together to celebrate Etsy's birthday with drinks!!!
The party was held at Psarokokalo's place! Each guest brought their craft materials! We had everything from buttons to felt and from sea-shells to crochet needles, it was a crafter's heaven!

A marble table was transformed in a long workbench and we began our project for the night soon after the sunset....
We decided to make an Etsy sing for the Berlin office, and sent it over of course. From what we have seen in the Virtual Labs with Matt and Benedikta, the only sing there right now is a printed paper, stuck on the door with tape! It's about time to have something more special, don't you think?

Later in the afternoon we had to abandon our idyllic location due to some un-foreseen raindrops but it was ok since most of the work was done..
Ready for the party!!!
Dafni and the S!
Eve!!! :))
Maria, Antigoni and Stefania with the amazing view!!!
We worked till nightfall!!
Our project!!!

Me, learning crochet :)) Thanks Eve!!


Friday Inspiration!

Green for hope, serenity and calmness!
1. freedom exists, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. the simplicity of most things

New addition to the family...

Meet the newest member of the (already extended) family. Found last Monday in the middle of a busy street, a victim of a hit and run accident left to die...
She has a broken leg and a broken jaw bone (fixed now)but i guess this is nothing compared to the luck she would have if i haven't found her...

new addition to the family

new addition to the family


Party Time!!

On June the 18th Etsians around the globe are going to celebrate Etsy's Birthday! So here are some fun stuff i found searching flickr which are bright and happy and remind me of a party!!! :)

1. Prepping a party - part 2, 2. flying doggies :), 3. Summer bunting Pouch #2, 4. standing on a ball

Stay tuned for some fun photos from the Greek Craft party in Athens!!!


Maraveyas Ilegal!

Last night we went to Maraveyas Concert!
Kostis Maraveyas is an amazingly fun new artist and i just love his music!

And here is a track from Maraveyas! :)