Things that made me smile today...

Some days are just so.....bad. I can't think of a better way to say it. But some days, even though you may wake up with the best of spirits, things happen that really screw up your day. Plain and simple.  Today was a day like that. In order to turn my spirits around, and after being inspired by a lovely blog call House of Humble I decided to post about the things that actually made me smile today.

So today I smiled about:

My best friends baby!!!! I sent her a super cute tomato hat and today I saw her wearing it. She is the sweetest little girl ever :)

My kitties! Well they always make me smile :) 

A custom order that I finished and turned out really well.

My new item :)

The fact that there was no line in the post office today!!!What a rare treat

I actually smiled at my scales today because I have actually lost some weight. I wish to loose some more but it's a start!

What made you smile today?