Getting into the Xmas spirit...

Hello everybody!
Long time no post yet again!!! And a lot has happened since my last post. I moved out of my parents house and in with Dimitris...my significant other. This was a huge change for me and i am both happy and in awe by all of it. Also my best friend got married :))) and i was as we say in Greek the Koubara (the best "woman")..that was also a huge deal and a very emotional time. Finally last week my oldest friend (we know each other almost 20 years) gave birth to her baby boy...
So now it's time to settle down, relax and start getting back to my craft routine :)
What a better way to do it by starting to make things for the holidays!

Today i found this great project by Martha Stewart! It seems quite easy and the materials are also easy to find!

All you need are pine cones, pipe cleaners, and other simple supplies (no toy-making expertise necessary).

Another project from the same site is this:

Tools and Materials
Circle cutter
Brown card stock
Cream card stock
Holly craft punch
1/4-inch hole punch
Light-green 2 3/4-inch scallop gift tag
Glue pen
Craft glue
Adhesive foam dots
1/8-inch hole punch
Gingham ribbon

Holiday Gift Tags How-To

1. With the circle cutter, cut a 3-inch brown circle and a 2-inch cream circle from card stock.
2. Punch 6 green holly leaves with the holly leaf craft punch. Punch 6 red berries with a 1/4-inch hole punch.
3. To assemble, attach a scallop gift tag to the center of the brown circle with adhesive foam dots. Attach the cream circle to the center of the scallop tag with adhesive foam dots.
4. Using glue pen, glue 3 holly leaves to the cream circle, with points meeting in the center.
5. With a glue pen, glue 3 red berries where the holly leaves meet in the center.
6. Attach another 3 holly leaves with adhesive foam dots over the "flat" holly leaves, slightly offset, with stems at center of circle.
7. Glue another 3 berries onto the raised holly stems with a dot of craft glue.
8. Thread gingham ribbon through hole of scallop gift tag.

More to come soon!!!