Autumn is here

Summer came and went. It was a blast! Now the weather is somewhat colder even here in Athens and daylight get less and less by day. It's a funny thing but even thought I love summer, autumn has a special place in my heart. In autumn all the colors around me are more vivid. I have noticed  that the evening sky has the best color variations during September and October. Also, during Autumn is more easy for me to work. Warm temperatures and working with wax don't go well together :). Also I can finally focus and finish new pieces. What do you like about Autumn?

Autumn Dusk
Wax models
 New stack rings


Sailing Weekend

I am not much into sailing...until last weekend. It has been ages since we went on a trip so a weekend sailing trip was more than welcome. We had great company and the weather was just perfect for a relaxing trip. The best part of the weekend was seeing dolphins! It was the first time in my life that I saw them!


On a Sunday Morning

I made some muffins using this basic recipe..they turned out better than I would have hoped! They made a lovely mothers day gift!

Then Dimitris and I, decided to go at the Flower Show that is held every Spring in Kifisia. Walking though the flowers and seeing all these wonderful colors and shapes really makes ones day!  The weather was a bit weird, at some point came  a sudden spring rain but it soon stopped and we continued our walk.

We bought some tomato trees from Santorini and herbs to use at cooking...I am not so good at keeping my plants alive unfortunately but I hope this time I will do better.