Finally some work done :)

After quite some time finally i got to finish some pieces and take the photos for my etsy shop! (Hooray!!)

So here they are, two band rings...first my leaf ring...made by the imprint of a real leaf :)

and then my Dream Ring....my new obsession is stamping..i admit it! My good friend Liana from Feelwhatifelt (http://feelwhatifeltblog.blogspot.com/) bought me a set of steel stamps and i am as happy as a schoolgirl to use them! :)


Amoronia said...

Εξαιρετική δουλειά! Μπράβο Ναυσικά! Και μπράβο στη Λιάνα για το δώρο που σκέφτηκε να σου κάνει! :)

feel what I felt said...

You have good friends :P

Uska B Hope said...

Lindas suas peças!!!