Summer inspiration!

I fooled around with my big stash of beads and findings and here are the results...

First off the Demeter Necklace! I love green hues and particularly the olive color...so  i combined 3 rows of beads (orange coral, green coral and Yellow Magnesite -Turquoise)and a row of a 24k golden plated sterling silver chain with a beautiful olive green ribbon.

Demeter Necklace
Demeter Necklace

Then i remembered the braided bracelets I used to make when i was a kid in the summer, using the threads i found in my grandmothers sewing basket. I wore them all through summer and then in September when school started i had to take them off...but the memory of my vacations remained from the white mark left on my skin from the bracelets.

So here is my new version of a summer bracelet.Cotton embroidery thread braided with a sterling silver chain.

Summer Bracelet


Sophia Koulbanis Artist / Designer said...

love the Deneter necklace and the bright coloured beads. Cute :)

Studio Sylvia said...

All very colourful. Very summery, a reflection of your beautiful photos in the next post.