A few photos from my summer holidays in Ithaca, a truly amazing little island of the Ionian Sea. I do recomended to anyone in search of a picturesque island, quiet and turquoise waters!
 Oh yes...food was great too!!

 Crystal clear waters...no sandy beaches though...pebbles all around!

 I love old windows!
Turquoise and blue waters!
 Sarakiniko Beach!
 My summer reading :D
 Little treasures i gathered!


Sophia - Red Lotus Jewellery said...

It looks so beautiful and warm - its raining, very windy and cold her in Melbourne Aust. :(

Leda said...

it's so gorgeous to have such memories of a summer and an amazing photographer out there :-P.. we're lucky to live here in Greece. Btw, i'm going to find this book myself.

Nafsika said...

@Sophia well the good thing for you is that you have the summer coming...and over here it's almost over :(
@Leda you definitely should!!