The art of Louis Wain

I recently discovered through a post by KarmologyClinic the art of Louis Wain. Wain was an artist, mostly know for his drawing of cats.

I was drawn by the subject (of course) but also from the amazing colors he used.

Then i read about him in Wiki that "At the age of 23, Wain married his sisters' governess, Emily Richardson... Emily soon began to suffer from cancer, and died only three years after their marriage. It was during this period that Wain discovered the subject that would define his career. During her illness, Emily was comforted by their pet cat Peter, and Wain taught him tricks such as wearing spectacles and pretending to read in order to amuse his wife. He began to draw extensive sketches of the large black and white cat. He later wrote of Peter, "To him properly belongs the foundation of my career, the developments of my initial efforts, and the establishing of my work." Peter can be recognized in many of Wain's early published works."
Moving isn't it?

In his later years he developed schizophrenia and many claim that one can see the process of his illness in his paintings.


Amoronia said...

Indeed, these colors are so amazing!
Thank you for sharing this :)

la boom! said...

Unbelievable story! I love his work!