A great Weekend-Egst bazaar and craft party!

The last two weeks were hectic! Loads of stuff to prepare for the upcoming bazaar at stavlos and a lot of pressure! Thankfully it all went great and (as always) we had a lot of fun! Itls always a pleasure seeing my old crafty friends and a delight meeting new ones!!!

My stand!
Zdrop and friend

Katrien from Inqueue

 The stand for Laboom and Akamatra
A cute kitty by Blackreddots

 Our Captain! Antigoni :)
 tutorial by Ergani!


la boom! said...

Fantastic post!!!!
So glad to see you again girls!

zdrop said...

ZZZouper!!! Bravo Nausika!!!

anta said...

We have had a wonderful time!!!!
Bravo Naf!!!!

Demi said...

You girls are so wonderful, and lovely photos too! xxx

annie markantonatou said...

super post!!!! the girls!!!!!


BlackRedDots said...

Great post!!!
Thanx for sharing Naf!!!!

don't panic said...

Wonderful post!!! So cool to see some of us there. We had such a great time. Can't wait for the next one!!!!!!


p.s. Where is your face miss Nafsika????

pergamondo said...

Super photos!!! :)

creationsbyeve said...

great post!!! we had a great time!!!can't wait for the next one :)

inQueue said...

Great photos! Miss you girls! We had a great time! Thank you Nafsika for sharing!

Angelina said...

imoun kai egw sto bazaar! ti krima pou den eida ta dika sou kosmimata!
i alitheia einai oti eixa piasei koybenta kai meta mou gkriniazan oi filoi mou na figoume..

next time elpizw na ta poume!!