Shabby-chic Gingerbread House

Or Appearances can be deceiving!
See this house or better, see this shack?  One might think that it looks small and a bit too shabby.... but appearances can be deceiving.. When you walk through the front door you discover an interior fit for a fairy tale!
This dream home does not include a bathroom or a kitchen. Sandra, the master mind behind this dream retreat   lives, with her husband, across the river in their mobile home that does include a bath and kitchen. She did the renovation of this old hunting cabin and furnished it herself for $3,000. She used vintage columns that cost $60 each and floorboards for the exterior facade and wavy glass windows. The home was painted green and white, the front door was left in its original vintage style.
Sandra has her own blog that has more about her life and her home here.

For more photos and details see here.

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