Xmas Craft Fair@Bliss

The annual Christmas craft fair of EGST was held at Bliss last weekend! I was eagerly expecting it but due to family troubles at first I thought of cancelling my participation. I thought over and decided to go literally on the last minute!
And a good thing I did! :)
It is as always a pleasure to see familiar faces and meet new ones.We had a great time even though the hours were loooong and I by Sunday I was beat. Every time we have such an event I am reminded of the importance of getting together with others who share your passion for creating and how remarkable it is how connected you can feel with people you spend scarce but precious time! In other words:
Girls you made my weekend!

This year I decided to change my display to something more bright to show better the colors of my pieces. I used the frames from IKEA that we had at the house, bought me some white mat board, 3 vintage volumes of National Geographic and our tiny Christmas Tree. I think it looked very nice and its cost was next to nothing!!

Can't wait for the next one!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love your display!