The process of a custom order

As I might have mentioned before I really like custom orders! I find them intriguing and challenging and also a way to push me in to the creation of something new.
This time I have an order for a forget me not flower ring. Love it! I have always thought about doing something like that but always other ideas came up and I forgot my little forget me not!
But now there where no more excuses...:)

So first off I made a scetch to make sure we were on the same page with my client. She was very specific and that made it a lot easier for me to picture the ring she wanted. A double band ring with a small forget me not.
After having the OK from the client, I made some wax models of the ring and in particular the flower and send them to her for approval

Then it was time to cast them...to see what they look like in sterling silver, btw I love this process!!

My client choose the flower she liked the best and now all that's left is for me to "assemble" the ring and paint it with enamel in the colors of the actual flower.


Dina said...

How lovely are those tiny flowers. Great look "behind the curtains" :)

Blogger said...

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