La Trap Gallery

My dear friends and fellow artists Maria (http://psarokokalo.etsy.com ) and Evridiki (http://Evrydiki.etsy.com) have a created an art place in Athens.

In la.trap you will find works from yours trully :))) and also: brokequeens, euangelia, ioli, matalou @ home, evrydiki, psarokokalo, the race behind the hill, quat, fricdementol, pinpals, ingermaike, christina morali, ergani, efigee, vera zefki, yourdoll, madame mo, daniela pais, laga, and many more.....

I visited La Trap yesterday and here are some shots to give you an sneak peek!! :)

You will find la.trap shop-gallery at 56, Trivonianou street, in Mets, open Mondays to Fridays from 11.30-14.30 and 18.00-21.30 and on Saturdays from 11.00-15.00. And you can combine it with a drink or coffee at Odeon (http://www.myspace.com/cafeodeon) which is only a block away!


Sophia Koulbanis Artist / Designer said...

I might have to take a plane over to Athens and check it out LOL! Looks v. funky indeed!

feel what I felt said...

It looks lovely!
I will go and check it out soon :)

and something in Greek:
Καλή Αρχή & Καλές δουλειέςςςςςς!

Nafsika said...

@Sophia hehe maybe you should....summer is coming over here:)
@Thanks Liana!!!

shop gallery said...

apla thea!!! thank you so much kopelia!
ta spane oi foto einai teleies! kai to keimeno to exeis episis ! prepei na mas analaveis
olla filia otan epistrepseis na vrethoume

Amoronia said...

Ta thelw ola leme!!!!