weekend tripping!

Last weekend we visited my best friend and her boyfriend in their new house in Patra. They recently moved there and it was a great treat to spend a whole weekend with them!

I made them a snail for the couch....and i think i will make them a larger one to use as a pillow

Kostas welcomed us with an amazing lunch....the mushrooms in particular were excellent!

We had time to catch up and chat in person.....i particularly liked Sunday morning...we were the early risers and had a grand breakfast!!And yes i am the one with the glasses and the unruly rockabilly morning hair! :)
And finally the group shot!!! I just love it!!!


Amoronia said...

Poulakia mou... Panta tetoia!

Nafsika said...


feel what I felt said...

agapaw saligari-patra-fotini-nafsika-manitaria-kainourgio spiti :)