B-Day at our new home!

Yesterday was D. birthday, what a great occasion to celebrate and to gather our friends to eat and drink and be merry! :)))
Of course we worked our butts off to get the house spic and span! I focused my efforts in cooking for our 11 guests. It must be admitted i owe a lot to smitten kitchen and tastespotting for the ideas i got regarding the menu! So we had chickpea salad with roasted red peppers (the remaining chick peas were turned into one yummy  hummus as a dip for freshly cut veggies), tabouli salad (i use cold water and turns out fine) and a mixed  salad . For the main course i made roasted baby potatoes with orange and mustard, beef burgers and a baked pasta with minced meat based on this recipe but ommiting the peppers and the parsley (there was none left!). My good friend Liana provided us with little sausages paired with a killer dip :)
Altogether was a great evening!

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AthenouKa said...

Happy B'day to D.
everything looks delicious!