A great weekend!

Last weekend was a blast!!! Many of us Greek Etsians, participated in a craft show at Booze, an alternative space downtown. It was (as always) tons of fun seeing my online friends, sharing news and drinking great wine :) The only drawback was that i caught a cold and now i am at work feeling like a zombie!! Well, something's gotta give as they say!

My stand! I finally found a printers drawer:)

The whole setting! My great friend Liana (FeelwhatIfelt) shared the bench with me. She made some super cool xmas wreaths

Maria with her fab jewelry and soaps

Eve with in her stand!

The beautiful architect behind Eried Creations!

Eve, Anta and Antigoni!!!

Daphne....did some modeling!

The space!

And of course the wreaths from Liana! Amazing!!!


zsazsazsu said...

that looked like a fun market !

la boom! said...

Congratulations! Beautiful bazaar!!!

antigoni said...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
επερασαμε ομορφα... ομορφα .. ομορφα..!!!!


Ladybug said...

♥ ♥ ♥
AAAAAAX!!! πολυ ωραια ηταν!!!
Ευχαριστουμε Ναυσικα για τις υπεροχες φωτογραφιες σου!!! Και ειδικα για το bunny μου!!! :-)

Alex said...

Fantastic photos! Everything was amazing, well done girls!!!

creationsbyeve said...

the best bazaar ever!!!!!!and so much fun!!!!!

Maria said...

Great Bazaar!!!
Look forward for the next one!